commisson info

i will draw

OCs (please provide reference)you (please provide reference)fanartfanservice/couples

i will not draw

gorefurry/anthro/animalsmecha/robotsbaraoffensive material


payment via paypal - EURO only. i will start as soon as i receive paymentto specify: flat color drawings are lineless, full color drawings have lineart and are renderedbe prepared to make your request as specific as possible. please include stuff like character(s), pose, clothes, color palette, background/transparency, etc. the more info and refs, the better!i will update you on the process, so if you’re pleased with the sketch and give me a thumbs up, i’ll continue. if not, you can tell me what to change. again - try to be specific!i have the right to refuse the commisssion

check out my artblog for more references
thanks for your interest! please contact me for any inquires!

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