céli's commission info [OPEN]

i will draw

OCsyoufanartfanservice/PDA/couples/light nsfwfursona

i will not draw

excessive gorehateful or offensive material


payment via paypal - EURO only. money can be converted through paypal or you can send me the equal amount in USD/any other currency. i will start as soon as i receive paymentto specify: flat color drawings are lineless, full color drawings have lineart and are renderedi'd appreciate it if your request is as detailed as possible. please explain to me in detail what you want me to draw! the more refs and info the betteri will update you on the process, so if you’re pleased with the sketch and give me a thumbs up, i’ll continueif not, you can tell me what to change. i will allow up to 2 revisions free of charge so again - try to be specifici have the right to refuse a commission and i can charge extra depending on the complexity of the drawing

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thanks for your interest! please contact me for any inquires!

terms of service

thank you for your interest of commissioning me ! for your and my safety, please read my terms & conditions. i wanna ensure that you're happy with your commission in the end and i can only do so with your cooperation.

by commissioning me you automatically agree to my ToS !

commission request be prepared to make your request as specific as possible. please include stuff like character(s), pose, clothes, color palette, background/transparency, etc. the more info and refs, the better! i reserve the right to refuse a commission

complexity depending on the complexity of your commission i can charge extra. this includes background (simple color bg is free), weapons, armor, extreme details, etc

payment payment via paypal ONLY. my prices are in EURO. paypal will easily convert your currency for you. i will start as soon as i receive your payment

rush fee i work with a schedule/queue, so first come first serve. if you have a tight deadline for me i will ask for a rush fee

revisions i will update you on the progress and you can request progress shots at any time. however i will only allow up to 2 revisions free of charge so please be specific with your request. for an extra fee you can request more edits

refund policy if you wish to cancel an order you're allowed to request a refund. sketches are 50% refundable. fully finished pieces or pieces up to €40+ are not eligible for refund

copyright my base prices are for personal use only so i retain full rights over it. if you wish to use my work commercially please specify in your commission so we can discuss an extra fee

graphic design work if you wish to commission me for graphic design related stuff, please email me for my rates or quote

if you have any questions feel free to contact me. i look forward to working with you!
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